Rusch Repair Your Easy IT

Computer Sales

At Rusch Repair we will help you figure out what computer is right for you and order the system that makes you the happiest.We will search for the best deal for you, that is our promise.

Computer Setup

We can setup up your new computer taking the hassle out of hooking up everything right making sure you have the latest updates, virus protection. We will also check to insure all your hardware is working properly. We will also make the restore disc for you in case your computer crashes.

Data Backup/ Transfer

Transfer or backup your documents such as pictures, music, office files, money management files, emails and address books. (Program transfers not included)

Hardware Services

Are you having hardware problems? We can help you find a great deal on a replacement part. Better yet, bring us your own part and we’ll replace it for you!


Do you need your home or business networked? Want to share files among computers? We have extensive experience in computer networking.


Do you need software programs installed on your machine but aren't sure how to do it correctly? We can help.

Tune Up 

Is your computer running slower than it used to? Are you unhappy with your computers performance?

Bring it to us for a tune up. We will run a complete diagnostics on your machine and let you know what you need to improve it's performance.

Virus Scan

This can greatly increase your computer's performance.If we run into problems or need more than a basic scan, we will contact you and discuss our options before we take further action.